Custom Orthotics to Relieve Foot Pain

Custom Orthotics to Relieve Foot Pain

Custom orthotics have proven to be a great alternative to the over-the-counter variety for those suffering from foot pain. While the latter may prove to be helpful in certain instances, this is not always the case. These devices are custom-made for the individual foot and have specific features that work in harmony with each individual’s unique anatomy. They are thus more effective in treating foot pain, particularly if used as a complement to surgery. However, their use should be carefully weighed against other treatment forms such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, as they differ in some aspects. It is thus important to understand how these orthotics work and what their main advantages are.

Orthotics AdelaideThe main goal of custom Orthotics Adelaide is to correct or prevent deformities in the feet, ankles and legs that lead to foot pain. Orthotic devices that correct deformities can range from those that merely change the shape of the foot to ones that move the foot forward or back in position. It involves a three-dimensional intervention that considers both the anatomy of the foot and the muscles and ligaments that surround it. Thus orthotics can treat both problems at once, in that they can correct deformities in feet while also promoting a healthy movement. Also, these devices are made so that they don’t cause harm to the lower limb in their action.

The benefits of custom orthotics are not unique to those suffering from foot ailments. They are also very helpful in cases where one has to sit down for long periods, for example, at work. Sitting down for prolonged hours causes a great deal of stress to the lower back. By wearing custom-fitted orthotics, the stress and strain on the spine will lessen.

Custom Orthotics Adelaide are available in many different shapes and sizes to cater for varying foot shapes and sizes. These devices are also available in a variety of colours. One can choose from a variety of soft materials, including leather, suede and nubuck. These materials feel much more like the skin than other materials, which allows the device to provide for the natural sensations that come with being seated for extended periods. Many custom orthotics are made with advanced materials that can resist heat and cold much better than other orthotics. Also, they are much more resilient to damage from walking or running across them.

If you suffer from foot pain, custom orthotics can provide a much-needed relief from the discomfort and pain that often come with standing for long periods, as well as from sitting down for long periods. Also, orthotics can help to improve the gait and movement of the legs. It is beneficial to individuals who have difficulty walking for several reasons, such as arthritis, diabetes, obesity, or a congenital foot abnormality. Also, custom orthotics can help prevent and correct problems with the knees, hips, or elbows.