Understanding the Kelvinator Split System Air Conditioner

Understanding the Kelvinator Split System Air Conditioner

The Kelvinator Split System Air Conditioner is one of the most effective cooling units on the market. It can cool your home up to one hundred and eighty degrees in temperatures of up to seventy degrees Fahrenheit. It has two-speed settings that can reach the extremes of cool and heat without any noticeable loss in temperature. Read on to learn more about this incredible unit.


Understanding the Kelvinator Split System Air ConditionerLowest Energy Efficiency: Most models in the market today are highly energy inefficient. The latest Kelvinator Split System Air Conditioner designs are designed to achieve near-perfect efficiencies at a very low energy consumption level. Its single turn fan speeds are powerful, and its reverse cycle cooling system is even more efficient and nearly 30% more efficient than traditional fixed-speed systems. Five-year warranty & automatic power control: unlike a computer’s hard drive, or a DSL modem, a cooling unit’s memory chip constantly gets corrupted due to continuous use. Hence it needs to be reset occasionally. A team with the latest technology, the Kelvinator Split System Air Conditioner automatically shuts down the power supply when the cooling process stops. The five-year warranty also covers the replacement of defective parts.


Complete Data Protection: The full information about the unit, including manuals, user guides, installation instructions and the latest technology, is contained in the box it comes in. In case there is any problem, the customer service is always ready. New technology ensures fast and easy diagnostics and repairs. An electronic user guide comes along with the unit to guide the user easily through the entire operation. Even the reverse cycle and the integral chillers have been incorporated with the latest technologies and safety measures, making these the most efficient and environment-friendly air conditioners available today.


Important Safety Instructions: The complete user manual is provided along with the unit for easy understanding. The most crucial safety instructions include operating the indoor unit safely and maintaining appropriate cool temperatures and cleaning ducts. It is essential to follow these instructions carefully to prevent the risk of severe damage or injury. The user manual also contains general safety instructions, which indicate how the indoor unit should be used. Read the entire guide before using the air conditioners.


The Kelvinator Split System Air Conditioner is highly efficient and offers maximum comfort in a compact design. It has many advantages, making it an excellent choice for your home, office or store, as it can be moved from one place to another without affecting its cooling capability. Moreover, it requires minimum maintenance, thus ensuring high-quality performance for many years. Several models of the split systems are available and include the following:


The Split-System Air Conditioner is designed with the latest technology and is highly effective at cooling a large area, even in a hot or humid environment. The manual helps the user monitor and regulate the room’s cooling capacity with various options, including the opportunity to boost the cooling capacity by adjusting the thermostat. The built-in microprocessor and high precision compressor ensure superb performance and ensure optimum comfort. This innovative air conditioner has received great reviews from across the world.