Favorite Recipes

Lasagna alla Bolognese – Chow Network

A thinner but richer lasagna without the ricotta!  This recipe is some work but totally worth the effort.


Mexican Hot Chocolate – Food Network

Deep, rich chocolatey mug of spice and flavor.  Just cue up the slow-cooker for this tasty ending and dessert for your meal.


Chinese Chicken Wings – Food.com

Sweet, sticky and savory, these tender baked wings will disappear in a flash!  And pretty darn easy to make, just marinate, wait and then bake…


Slow-cooker White Chicken Chili – Serious Eats

Super-easy to cook with a bit of richness and spice, this recipe makes a great base and you can customize from here.  Easily feeds 6 – 8 people, serve with tortilla chips and/or bread.


Cajun Meatloaf – Paul Prudhomme

Spicy, rich and full of flavor, even if you don’t like meatloaf, this one may change your mind!  But as in all Chef Prudhomme recipes, full of calories and complexity.  Enjoy with a nice carb (mashed potatoes, bread) to balance things out…