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Feb 08 2015

Staying Positively Negative, Food Reviews!

FEB Recently I was on a foodie board and a question came up about food bloggers.  Are they sometimes too close to restaurant owners forcing them to like everything?  Does the public respect more negative and critical food bloggers in the belief that they are more real?  Well the answer is probably yes and no …

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Jan 25 2015

Media Event: A Singular Food Experience at ONE Restaurant, Chapel Hill

  Several years ago, ONE Restaurant out in Chapel Hill had popped up on my foodie radar screen.  But, given its location in Chapel Hill along with less than stellar online reviews, I put it on the back of my list to try.  Pretty face with less than impressive food was the overall theme I …

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Jan 24 2015

Best Dining and Restaurants at Waverly Place in Cary

  Over the years, Waverly Place has seen good and bad days. I used to live in this neighborhood and I never found much of a reason to visit this large, sunken strip plaza. But over the past two years, things have really picked up at Waverly Place. A new developer has spent a lot …

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Jan 03 2015

A Brand New and Foodalicious Year for the NC Triangle, 2015!

  It’s typical to look back at the year gone by when the calendar flips over the final page.  Or you have to go get a calendar on 60% discount in mid-January like I usually do.  (Hello, Covered Bridges of Vermont!)  It’s also a time to take stock of everything that you’ve accomplished and done …

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Dec 26 2014

Best New Restaurants and Eats in the Triangle, 2014 Edition!

Looking back at 2014 you can definitely notice an economy that’s slowly improving and a restaurant and dining scene that continues to evolve, expand and diversify.  The push towards more hip, more artisan and more tasty continues unabated in the Triangle and that’s an AWE-some thing!  Like I always say, while I love my burgers …

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Dec 07 2014

Fried Deliciousness in the Best Donuts of the Triangle!

  Who as a little kid without calorie constraints, didn’t love a donut?!  Glazed, cake, chocolate, cream-filled and more, they were a delicious treat that I rarely felt guilty about.  But then you grow up.  And you realized that those durned delicious donuts were really not good for you.  And you cut back on eating those doh-doh’s but …

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