Artificial Grass – How to Install It

Artificial Grass – How to Install It

Artificial grass is a synthetic surface of man-made fibres designed to appear like natural grass. It’s most frequently used on athletic courts or arenas where otherwise natural grass is normally or originally played. But these days, it’s also being used on residential, artificial lawns and even commercial applications. Whatever your situation, artificial grass can provide the attractive aesthetic appearance of real grass without additional expense.

When considering artificial grass, many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they have unlimited choices regarding design and colour. While colour and design options vary, there are some basic factors to consider in any artificial turf application. And these include match type, pitch type (whether you want turf with a natural or pattern look), the number of blades, maintenance requirements, and the blade type – whether it’s round, square, or other. Of course, the most crucial point to consider for any artificial grass installation is the material – whether you choose polyethylene or fibreglass.

artificial-grass-adelaideAll blades for artificial grass should be treated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The first step is to carefully inspect the blades – note if there are any cracks, breaks, or cuts in the blades that may compromise the blades’ integrity or the artificial grass itself. Also, pay attention to sharp edges on the blades that may easily cut or damage nearby plants, walkways, or pool decks. If any of these issues exist, contact artificial grass Adelaide immediately.

Maintenance of artificial grass is relatively simple and easy compared to most natural varieties. Most maintenance tasks are performed by automated systems. However, some homeowners prefer to perform such tasks themselves. By using a spray nozzle attached to the nozzle of a garden hose, homeowners can wash excess water from the blades. Likewise, a pressure washer can be used to wash out grit. Additionally, a power sprayer may be employed to wash stubborn dirt and debris from the turf’s surface.

Most people who install artificial turf, if not done correctly, encounter problems with the installation. However, these problems are easily overcome. First, homeowners need to ensure they have the proper tools and infill kits. These include steel wool, coarse sand, and a clear vinyl dressing. A power washer, a blade, and a hoe are also required. These supplies can be purchased at your local home improvement store, department store, or the Internet.

Synthetic grass installation by artificial grass Adelaide is more aesthetically pleasing than real grass because it’s easier to maintain. With a few simple tasks, homeowners can keep their lawn looking great all year long. Artificial turf serves a great function in many lawns, including commercial ones that cater to sports teams, professional athletes, or schools.