Oct 09 2013

First Take: The Loop Pizza Grill in Cary for Quick Casual Lunch Eats!

Front of the Loop in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


(Closed, January 2014)  As a small, popular chain in the area, the Loop Pizza Grill is a casual, seat yourself sort of place with a nice selection of sandwiches, burgers and more in Cary.  A colleague of mine swears by their salads but I’m of course going to stay as far away from the green stuff as possible for my lunch visit!  From the outside, the Loop is pretty bland and innocuous.  Inside, it’s a very large space with tons of seating and an order counter in back.  Grab a menu up front, put your order in, get a buzzer and get ready for your meal!  The Loop is primarily self-serve for drinks, napkins, cutlery and more, a real quick-casual feel.  With the bright decor, it’s a cheery spot for lunch as the group of seniors from Sunrise Senior Living would attest to!


Counter at the Loop in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


Ten minutes later, my buzzer goes off and I’m off to the counter to grab my lunch tray.  While my friend has gone with a black-bean burger and salad, I’m the counterweight of fat and calories!  My spicy, chipotle burger is slathered in dark barbeque sauce, leaf lettuce and home-made potato chips, yum!  The Loop does a very good burger with sesame seed buns, thick patty and fresh, high-quality toppings.  My burger is a mess and I go through puh-lenty of napkins over the course of the meal.  The chips are solid on the side, a good, hearty lunch overall.


Spicy chipotle burger with chips at the Loop in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


At a bit over $11 for lunch, eating at the Loop is definitely not cheap but they do an above-average job with their offerings.  My one niggle is that at this price it’s pretty much all self-serve and the buzzers meant that our food came out at various times.  So when you’ve got a short meal to begin with and people are starting their meal in a staggered fashion, it can be a pain in the butt.  Especially for a larger group where some poor person at the end would get to watch everyone else eat.  But if you work in the area and don’t mind all this self-serve activity, the Loop is a good choice for a quick meal.  Just make sure you get some extra napkins for their messy, chipotle burger, you’ve been warned…


The Loop Pizza Grill
1207 Kildaire Farm Road
Cary, NC 27511

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