Sep 12 2013

First Take: Geer Street Garden in Durham for Basic Bar Eats

Front of Geer Street Garden, Durham- Foodalicious Follies

Since the opening of Full Steam Brewery, the quiet corner of Riggsbee and Geer has become a hotbed of activity!  The Surf Club, Motorco, Kings Sandwiches and also the quaint Geer Street Garden.  I’ve passed by this place a bunch of times, very unassuming on the outside with a large patio and picnic table area.  Inside the space is a bit small and tight, most built around a classic bar where hipster-types can grab a cold brew and quick meal.  Geer Street definitely feels like a locals spot given its location which is pretty cool.


The menu here is pretty small, a handful of apps, sandwiches and entrees, mostly a mish-mash of Southern and American classics.  I spied the fried chicken with collards and mashed potatoes and it was go time for my meal!  A Duck Rabbit milk stout keeps me company until my food arrives 15 minutes later and it’s a good looking plate.  Four pieces of what looks like corn meal covered chicken, well-browned along with the greens and mashies in separate cups.  The chicken was decent but all-white which was a bummer since I prefer the dark.  Not a bad example of fried chicken but not that flavorful or spiced.  The collard greens were less successful, again a bit bland and the mashed potatoes were probably from a box.  Re-visiting the menu, I would probably stick with the really basic basics here, Geer Street is more like a bar with food as opposed to a pub or restaurant.


If and when I come back to Geer Street Garden, it would probably just be for a beer and snacks.  It’s an interesting spot with an interesting crowd so why dabble in its food when you’ve plenty of other ways to keep yourself entertained?  Durham has plenty of other good dining spots and on a nice spring day or summer evening, Geer Street Garden should work pretty well.  Just don’t have high expectations for their food and you’ll be fine visiting here.


Geer Street Garden
644 Foster Street
Durham, NC 27701


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  1. Alex

    Recently, I went there for the first time too. I sat at the bar, which is strangely low, no where near the standard 42″ mark, and had a Highland Gaelic Ale with their Reuben. Other than having to awkwardly hunch over to grab my food, I enjoyed the meal thoroughly.

  2. Ron Wen

    Hey Alex, thanks for the comment and yeah, maybe I need to get back and try more from Geer Street. Lots of different opinions from my friends so may have just chosen the wrong plate!


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