Sep 14 2013

A Delicious, Old-School Las Vegas Experience at the Barrymore!

Classic and rich interior at the Barrymore, Las Vegas- Foodalicious Follies


Tired of all the glitz and glare of Las Vegas?  Why not get off the beaten path, away from all those celebrity chefs and hit up a Las Vegas classic, the Barrymore?!  Located in the off the beaten path, Royal Resort, the Barrymore exudes charm, warmth and class from the moment you step in!  Up front the hostess kiosk hails in a blue glow from the neon Barrymore sign behind it.  Lounge with a classic bar, patio with torches ringing the periphery, the feeling is rich and plush, perfect for a quiet date.  Stepping into the dining room, past an impressive wine display, there are 8 semi-circle booths in a swanky, rich-looking dining room.  Overhead there are film reels on the ceiling in a stylish nod to Hollywood and I’m guessing, the Barrymore’s.  The menu is short at the Barrymore and full of American classics.  I order up the lobster mac n cheese along with the short rib bourguignon.


Lounge and bar at the Barrymore, Las Vegas- Foodalicious Follies


As we sip on our wine, an interesting bread basket is brought over with pretzel buns, flat breads and more.  The lobster mac n cheese is very good, al dente pasta in a cheese sauce and just enough lobster bits.  It could have used a bit more lobster but what’s in there is tasty!  The short-rib is a deeply braised, tender hunk of beef which paired well with some flavorful potatoes and onions for some contrast.  A side of grilled asparagus with parmesan provided some green to the meal which was definitely welcome.


Lobster mac n cheese at the Barrymore, Las Vegas- Foodalicious FolliesGrilled asparagus at the Barrymore, Las Vegas- Foodalicious Follies

Service at the Barrymore is top-notch, the gal covering our table was attentive and available without being intrusive.  Everything was timed well and if you’re here for a date, it’s a great experience.  Given the ambiance here and the prices, I see the Barrymore as a once in a while visit when you’ve got some romance on the brain.  It’s a sexy spot with very good (but not great) food but it all works with the great service and decor.  So definitely check out the Barrymore if you’re looking for a dining experience from a Las Vegas of days gone by, fun stuff…


The Barrymore
99 Convention Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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  1. Joan Baumer

    Looking forward to trying the Barrymore next time I am in LV,

  2. Ron Wen

    It’s worth a trip Joan and nice to get off the strip! Just make sure you got someone to cozy up with in those booths…


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