Aug 01 2013

The Raleigh Times Bar, An Iconic City Eatery

Antiqued interior of Raleigh Times Bar, Foodalicious Follies


There’s no doubt that a successful restaurant can get stale over time.  They get popular, they develop a clientele and then things get taken for granted.  They stick with the same menu to keep their regulars happy, they don’t bother re-decorating since that’s what made them successful. Thankfully, the Raleigh Times Bar has not fallen into that trap of success.  As one of the first cool spots I visited when I moved into the City of Oaks, the Raleigh Times still has that comfortable feel to it but seems to be broadening its appeal through a larger space, consistently high-quality bar food and of course, a cool chameleon like flavor to its ambiance.


Mural at Raleigh Times Bar, Foodalicious Follies


Why do I call the Raleigh Times chameleon-like? Because it works in so many ways for different types of visits.  Sit outside on a first date and enjoy the fresh air.  Cozy up at the bar with a bud for a great craft beer.  Come in on a quiet Sunday morning for some brunch-like eats.  Or stumble in after a long night on the town for a nightcap and some late night snacks.  I’ve been here under each of those circumstances and the Raleigh Times always delivers. And with the recent opening of their second floor and patio, I expect even more dining options from the Times!


Loaded cheese fries Raleigh Times Bar, Foodalicious Follies


The most important thing to understand is that the Raleigh Times is self-service seating.  Grab any open table, when it gets really busy you might even have to stalk one that has a party about to depart.  The Raleigh Times specializes in great beer and bar food, ask for the list of what’s on tap and you’ll find rare and difficult to find brews along with PBR’s.  The food menu is pretty small but some favorites include the loaded fries, pork-barbeque nachos along with a small assortment of sandwiches.  The food at Raleigh Times is decent, if not outstanding.  I think places like Tyler’s Taproom and Natty Greene’s has surpassed the Raleigh Times for food but it’s still solid eats here.


Pork nachos at Raleigh Times Bar, Foodalicious Follies


What I really enjoy about the Raleigh Times is the decor.  An old-Raleigh feel with remnants of what used to be a newspaper press building along with murals paying homage to a different time and place.  The lighting is dim and muted, perfect for a casual and sexy date.  The staff is pretty efficient and hipster, they do a huge volume business here so they better be good.  While the Raleigh Times may not be the go to spot that it used to be five years ago, it’s still a solid choice and I’ve never heard anyone complain about a visit here.  But what do you expect from a Raleigh icon?  Truth is, the Raleigh Times still delivers good food, solid service in cool environs, day in and day out.  So a thank you to a Raleigh classic, the Raleigh Times!  And of course, bon appetit…


Raleigh Times Bar
14 E Hargett Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

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  1. kelleychisholm

    Love RT’s burgers!

    1. Ron Wen

      Believe it or not, Kelly but I’ve never had a burger at RT! Always get sucked into their cheesy fries and other sandwiches. But thanks for da reminder!


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