May 31 2013

First Take: It’s Krystal Clear Who Has the Best Sliders!

Front of Krystal in Brunswick, GA- Foodalicious Follies


I have it as tradition that a couple of things always happen when I visit Florida for the holidays.  One, I visit my relatives down in Florida and offer to cook.  Very important.  Second and nearly as an important, is a stop by the local Krystal Burger in Georgia.  Why?  Well for some odd reason while Krystal is a fixture in the South, there are NONE in North Carolina!  What up?   We’re surrounded by neighboring states enjoying Krystal deliciousness and us poor Tarheels go without?!  Not fair Krystal.  And what’s so special about these mini-burgers?!  Well sit down my friend and let me tell you!


Slider from Krystal in Brunswick, GA- Foodalicious Follies


Krystal is to the South what White Castle is to the North, a purveyor of delicious mini-burgers (or sliders) that you can eat by the handful.  Located off I-95 in Georgia are two Krystal locations in Pooler and Brunswick, a quick pit stop on my trip down South.  I’m usually in a hurry to get to Florida so I do my order to go but have always found the service and cleanliness at Krystal to be excellent.  I order up their #3 combo, five cheese Krystals along with chili-cheese fries and a drink for about $7+.  Not cheap but if you ever get addicted to these little burgers you won’t think so.  You get five little cardboard encased sliders, perfect for eating on the run.  Pull out that Krystal and you’ll have a little square, 2″ by 2″ fluffy bun with a thin slice of meat, onion bits, mustard and a single pickle.  Krystals are grilled along with the onions and the buns are steamed so it becomes a soft, mix of bread, meat and condiments, yum!  Three or four bites later, your Krystal is done and you’re on to the next one.  And the next one…  Krystal sells their burgers in sacks of 12 but I don’t recommend going THAT far.


Chili-cheese fries from Krystal in Brunswick, GA- Foodalicious Follies


In addition to the burger, I also received a small styrofoam container full of crispy fries slathered in meat chili and melty cheese.  Krystal provides you with a fork which you’ll need to eat these fries properly.  And it’s quite good, Krystal has nice meaty, potatoey fries and the chili has a nice cumin kick.  A forkful of fry, cheese and chili makes for a messy mouthful, especially when you’re rolling down the highway. But what can I say, it would be Thanksgiving for me without some sliders and fries.  And I have to confess, Krystal burgers are probably a step up from my old slider favorite, White Castle.  So don’t miss out on grabbing a Krystal the next time you’re in the Southeast.  Unless you happen to be in NC, booo!


Krystal Burger
65 Tourist Drive
Brunswick, GA  31520

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