Apr 27 2013

First Take: Porchetta Food Truck For Savory, Slow-Roasted Pork

Porchetta food truck, Foodalicious Follies


Like Capt Ahab’s white whale Moby Dick, some food trucks can be elusive and a challenge to track down.  Last year it was Baguettaboutit for me.  This year, Porchetta food truck had slipped out of my paws several times.  However, a friendly reminder that Porchetta typically feeds during First Friday locked my reptilian, little cortex into tractor-beam mode.  Fighting through commute traffic, I wound my way down to the Warehouse district and found a great parking spot next to CAM.  But where’s the food truck at?  And what about mah’s food?  A quick check on twitter and Porchetta was parked around the corner on the other side of CAM.  A quick trot over and yeah, there she is.  Yes oh yes, you will be mine!


Sandwich and rosemary potatoes from Porchetta food truck, Foodalicious Follies


Porchetta’s truck is really nice, on par with the best.  Lots of cool, orange and brown, grafitti-like farmhouse graphics.  Large open windows lead to the brightly lit interior.  I order up the Mediterranean sandwich which is their slow-roasted pork with mozzarella, carmelized onions, peppers and aioli.  A side of rosemary potatoes completes the meal, a nice deal for $9.  The wait isn’t long but it feels long due to the nippy cold of the evening.  The Porchetta guys hand me over a small bag of potatoes along with a substantial foil-wrapped sandwich.  Off to my car and a beeline straight home so I can dig into my eats!


Mediterranean sandwich and rosemary potatoes from Porchetta food truck, Foodalicious Follies


Porchetta, the meat dish is the Italian version of NC barbeque: slow-roasted pork seasoned with herbs like fennel and rosemary.  Unwrapping the sandwich, I’m greeted by a plump ciabatta roll with a full, pile of roast pork, soft melted muzz and sauteed veggies.  It’s a thick sandwich and one bite unleashes the rich, juicy texture of the pork paired with some savory cheese and veggies.   While I typically enjoy texture contrasts, Porchetta’s sandwich doesn’t do it that way.  It’s a heart-warming sandwich full of soft textures and succulent meat. The side of rosemary potatoes is a generous portion of salt flecked potatoey goodness, definitely sharable for two.  So while it was a bit of a wait until I got to try Porchetta, it was definitely worth it!  Porchetta is certainly up there on my list of favorite food trucks!  Somehow they manage to take basics like pork and potato prepared simply but in a way that elevates the ingredients.  Is it gourmet?  Sort of, but more importantly what they dish out is just plain ol’ good!  I’ll have to try some other items off their menu but call me impressed.  I finally tracked down my food truck Moby Dick and I feel like a totally fat and satisfied Ishmael…


Porchetta Food Truck
1249 Wicker Drive
Raleigh, NC 27604


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  1. Ben

    Cool report, thanks. There are a lot of trucks I want to try, but this one is near the top of my list.

    1. Ron Wen

      Hey Ben, Porchetta is worth the effort! I’d also chase down Baguettaboutit and American Meltdown. In the end it’s all about what’s accessible…

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