Mar 12 2013

First Take: Baba Ghannouj Grille, Cary for Great Mediterranean!

Front of Baba Ghannouj Grille in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


When you think of Mediterranean food, what comes to your mind? In my brain, I always think hummus, shwarma, tzatziki and pita bread! Fresh flavors, prepared in a healthy fashion, local Mediterranean chain Baba Ghannouj usually delivers the goods. Each location (I believe) is individually owned which means each Baba Ghannouj has a slightly different flavor and presentation. Out in Cary off Harrison Ave lies Baba Ghannouj Grille. I stopped by for a buffet lunch based upon a recommendation from a friend and it was interesting to see how the food would be served here. While the lunch buffet isn’t cheap ($10), it’s a very nice selection of salads, cold items, hot meats and even desserts. About 20 items and even a couple of Indian-ish dishes hit the buffet which I think reflects the owner. Anyhow, I grabbed a styrofoam plate (boo!) and dug into the eats which all looked fresh and delicious.


Hot buffet at Baba Ghannouj Grille in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


I tend to be more of a hot eats sort of guy and I tried to dabble at Baba Ghannouj’s buffet but probably only hit a 1/3 of the items.  They had a nice stewed curry chicken and curry cabbage which seemed more Indian to me but both were a bit spicy and tasty, yum!  Loved the sliced gyro meat paired with tzatziki sauce and some pita.  The gyro was tender, flavorful slices and the tzatziki cucumber sauce was amazingly creamy making for a great taste combo.  I finished off with some baklava which was fine because I never have bad baklava.  Sadly, I missed some other good items on the buffet: hummus, grape leaves, baba ghannouj and more but I was really trying to control my inner piggy.


Buffet at Baba Ghannouj Grille in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


The interior at Baba Ghannouj Grille is pretty bare-bones as you can guess based upon the styrofoam plates but fine for a quick lunch or simple dinner.  Overall I was pretty happy with my meal and this Baba Ghannouj was as good as my favorite on Walnut Street, albeit a very different experience with the buffet.  So yeah, if you’re in the Harrison Ave area and looking for a slightly healthier meal (only if you control the quantity), check out Baba Ghannouj for some excellent Mediterranean eats!  It’s hard to go wrong with all the fresh and delicious options on this Medi lunch buffet…


Baba Ghannouj Grille
1851 N. Harrison Avenue
Cary, NC 27513

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