Feb 01 2013

First Take: Wings Cafe in Cary at South Hills Plaza!

Front of Wings Cafe in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


(Closed as of Summer 2012) Located in the South Hills Plaza off of Buck Jones Road, Wings Cafe reminds me a bit of the type of eatery you might find in the Bay area: American, Asian and a little bit different is the way I would describe it!  Out front, this South Hills plaza is a bit run-down and antiquated.  Inside, Wings Cafe is a bit bright with lots of colorful signage along with some inexpensive decor. The menu ranges from wings to burgers, sandwiches along with a couple of Korean dishes in homage to the owners.  They’ve even got bubble tea which is why this place reminds me of the odd little places you’d find in the SF area.  I ordered up a lunch special with an interesting combo:  4″ cheesesteak with five wings.  One of the first wing-sandwich combos I’ve seen!  I admit that I was a bit concerned but what the heck.  I grab my drink and take advantage of the Cheerwine fountain choice.  And I wait.  And wait a bit more.  The kitchen was a bit slow but I’m committed for this meal.  Finally it does come out after ten or so minutes and I’m headed back to work where I unwrap my meal.


Steak sandwich and wings at Wings Cafe in Cary, Foodalicious Follies

I’ve got five messy wings on top of some lettuce along with a smallish sandwich packed with some dark looking steak.  The sandwich was really pretty good.  Wings Cafe sautes it’s steak in a sweetish bulkogi sauce which gave the meat a darkish look.  But very savory with a tinge of sweet and then you add the buttered grilled bun and whoa!  Really delicious stuff, I’m going to have to go back and try a full-size sammich.  The wings were fried to a bit crispy and lathered with a tangy BBQ sauce which was also decent. Not quite as special as the steak sandwich but still good.  What can I say but Wings Cafe is not a great looking place but the food was good.  A typical American grill menu but again, with a bit of a Korean twist to it.  This place looks pretty popular for local workers but I’m guessing many people will miss it driving by.  But if you’re in the area and up for some steak, check out Wings Cafe.  Because I’m already interested in going back for Round 2 of their bulkogi cheesesteak sandwich, yum!


Counter at Wings Cafe in Cary, Foodalicious Follies

Wings Cafe
1307 Buck Jones Road
Cary, NC 27606
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  1. Ben


    Thanks for the report on this place. I’ve been curious about it for a while since it’s close to my house. Strange that they have a few Korean things on the menu, but I’ll have to go try the cheesesteak – that sounds pretty good. How much was your combo meal?

    1. Ron Wen

      Gosh, I don’t remember Ben, maybe about $8? Which isn’t bad because wings are expensive. The sandwich was pretty small but dense, it’s worth a taste. I’d just recommend getting a whole steak sandwich and order of wings just in case you really like it! The folks that run this place used to own a wings place on Hillsborough Street, I think…

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