Feb 09 2013

First Take: Mamma Mia in Apex for Down-Home, Family Italian

Front of Mamma Mia in Apex, Foodalicious Follies

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, thatsa Mamma Mia’s!  Yeah, it’s a little cheesy but let’s face it, old-school Italian can walk that fine line between tasty and cheesy.  And yes, Mamma Mia’s is an old-school, red sauce type of Italian place in a strip mall but it works just fine as a family-friendly Italian eatery for the locals.  I’ve been waiting to try this place for a while but note, they no longer serve the lunch buffet.  Inside Mamma Mia’s the place is a bit bare, just some green tiled floors, humble furniture and two partially divided dining rooms.  The lunch menu was really basic, from $6 – $10 with most of the dishes being some sort of basic pasta, sauce, baked or otherwise and a salad.  I ordered up some baked lasagna but passed on the bread and salad given it’s holiday recovery time!


Pizza at Mamma Mia in Apex, Foodalicious FolliesBaked lasagna at Mamma Mia in Apex, Foodalicious Follies
The food takes about 10 minutes, my friend’s pizza comes out first and it looks decent.  Pretty thin crust, nice smattering of melted cheese, a solid rendition of NY thin-crust pizza.  My baked lasagna is a long and high slice of layered cheesy deliciousness!  A rich meat sauce and I picked up some butter from probably the ricotta. The marinara sauce is decent here too.  I have made quite a few lasagnas in my time and the version at Mamma Mia’s is very good.  Service is good, courteous and attentive.  While the inside of Mamma Mia isn’t much to speak of, the food here is decent.  Especially for an area where you’re more likely to get bland chain restaurants so rock on Mamma Mia’s!  Your name may be a bit cheesy but sometimes that’s a really good thing for pizza and lasagna, right?


Mamma Mia!
708 Laura Duncan Road
Apex, NC 27502

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  1. lauranc

    Great to have another spot for my red-sauce Italian fix! My go-to is Daniel’s in Apex, but this looks like a solid casual option.

  2. Ron Wen

    Yeah, it’s a humble little spot but certainly decent, Laura! I’ve heard Daniel’s mentioned several times, will have to make an effort to check it out. Thanks for visiting da blog!

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