Feb 24 2013

Fuel Up Your Body and Car at Capi’s Subs and Regency Kitchen

Front of Capi's in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


(Regency Kitchen has closed down and been moved as Cilantro Cafe in Cary Who woulda thunk it?  A nice sandwich shop and good Indian food at a gas station? Well that’s what Capi’s and Regency Kitchen are all about! Gas, snacks and solid food to go, my friend.  Now it’s not all eight course dinners at the Washington Duke Inn for this foodie.  Sometimes you just need something fast and quick and here’s where places like Capi’s and Regency Kitchen fit the bill.   Hot, good quality eats that you can grab in slightly more time than it takes to fill up your tank.


Counter at Capi's in Cary, Foodalicious FolliesSub at Capi's in Cary, Foodalicious Follies

With 2 locations in the area, this Capi’s off of Regency Parkway area bit hard to find.  Take a left if you’re heading into Koka Booth, you’ll find a busy gas station and large attached store. In the back you’ll find Capi’s Deli which dishes out a variety of breakfast foods, made to order sandwiches and a hot case.  Choose from all your favorites like a cold italian or hot pastrami.  All sandwiches come on freshly baked bread, about 12″ and filled with fresh veggies for a bit under $5.  I’ve done the pastrami a couple of times, layered with lettuce, pickles, peppers and mustard.  The Capi’s Club is a deal: two chicken breasts with ham, cheese and bacon, yum!  Their sandwiches are largish and heavy with the toppings which is fine if you want to max your veggie intake.  Grab a drink and bag of chips, grab a seat in the dining room and you’re ready to eat.  Or just drag your sandwich kill back with you to the office which is what I typically do.  Capi’s makes a decent sandwich and if you work in the area, it’s an easy and reasonable lunch option that will save you time.


Counter at Regency Kitchen and Bakery, Apex- Foodalicious FolliesIndian eats at Regency Kitchen and Bakery, Apex- Foodalicious Follies

Now on the other end of the spectrum moving away from American sandwiches and subs is the ethnic eats over at Regency Kitchen.  I had seen a handful of Yelp reviews so curiosity got the best of me.  I called in a standard order of chicken tikka masala for about $8 and they said it would take 20 or so minutes to prepare.  I impatiently wait at my desk for a bit (me hungry!) and then I’m off.  Regency is right over the Cary/Apex border and is again, tucked away.  Inside they have your usual cigarettes and candy bars but also a small display case of their Indian menu and a kitchen in back.  They’ve got my lunch under the heat lamp and in two round containers, I pay quickly and I’m back in the office, quick as a bunny.  Cracking open the containers there’s a large portion of fluffy basmati rice along with a folded naan.  Most likely store-bought but reheated with some butter, not bad.  A bit spongy and obviously not that fresh wonderful texture that home-baked naan has.  The chicken tikka masala is about 12 large chunks of chicken in a deep red sauce.  I take my first bite not knowing what to expect but it’s good!  A very savory and rich sauce with quite a bit of heat, I’ll assume this is the medium level but it will get your nose running. I’d prefer a slightly mellower/yogurt spicing to the sauce but still, decent stuff. Paired with the carbs, it was a nice meal.  I’m looking forward to trying other items off their menu!


Chicken tikka masala from Regency Kitchen in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


So believe it or not, it is possible to get a nice meal at the gas station!  In my San Francisco days I would have pooh-poohed the thought but now I try to keep an open mind.  Solid, freshly made deli sandwiches at Capi’s or robust, spicy Indian fare at the Regency Kitchen,  take your choice!  And no matter which choice you make, I think you’ll be pleased.  Just don’t forget to pull the gas nozzle out of your tank before you go rushing off with your food, you’ve been warned.  Bon appetit!


Capi’s Deli and Exxon
2700 Regency Parkway
Cary, NC 27518
Location on Google maps
Capi's Subs & Bakery on Urbanspoon


Regency Kitchen and Bakery
2503 TenTen Road
Apex, NC 27518

Location on Google maps
Regency Kitchen and Bakery on Urbanspoon



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  1. Ben

    Ron, I work over behind the Cary auto park – we should meet up for lunch one time if you work in this area too.

    1. Ron Wen

      Hey Ben, yeah I’m over at Koka Booth and it doesn’t take much arm-twisting to get me to go out to lunch. Especially if it’s Tyler’s! Anything you want to try out in the hood? Let me know…


  2. Ben

    I’m interested in trying Fat Philly’s (cheesesteaks) or Dallas Famous Chicken & Biscuits. Both in Apex. Or maybe the Firewurst place over near Trader Joe’s. I kind of feel like there’s not a lot of great choices within easy striking distance for lunch, but maybe you know otherwise. Maybe sometime next week if you’re up for it.

    1. Ron Wen

      Hey Ben, I’d like to give Dallas a whirl! Next week sounds good, feel free to ping me at ronwen1@gmail.com or I’ll check in with you ok?

      Have a good week…

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