Dec 01 2012

Retake: Acme Food & Beverage in Carrboro for Brunch!

Crab benedict at Acme Food in Carrboro, Foodalicious Follies

When I used to live in Carrboro, Acme Food & Beverages used to be a favorite of mine for brunch but moving out of the area means I haven’t been back for a long time.  Fast-forward to this weekend and I’m in Chapel Hill to tour the area and it’s time for a re-visit!  Acme is one of the better restaurants in an area known for college food, pizza and pitas.  Focused on seasonal Southern fare, the place is usually busy and a bit pricey for dinner in my eyes.  Inside, the space feels like a sophisticated cafe, casual with a hint of formality with the staff in aprons.  We grab a seat out back in the patio which is a veritable garden decorated with a farmish feel. And elaborate water sculpture near our table bubbles away happily,  we order up the famous coffee cake along with some benedicts as the mains.


Warm coffee cake at Acme Food in Carrboro, Foodalicious Follies

The coffee cake comes out and it’s everything that I remember: light, moist and plated with some thick whip cream and drizzled in some raspberry sauce.  Definitely a must-order when you visit!  My eggs benedict with soft-shell crab comes with some potatoes roasted in a tomato-pepper sauce along with a nice salad.  The crab is a bit greasy but nicely fried with a bit of crunchy seafood texture.  Paired with the crunchy muffin, lightly poached egg and buttery hollandaise sauce, yum-mee!  Definitely a solid brunch plate but a bit pricey at $15.  But what can I say?  With the great garden decor, above-average brunch eats and professional service, Acme Food continues to deliver a great experience.  If I still lived in Carrboro it would still be on my weekend restaurant rotation, rock on Acme!


Water sculpture at Acme Food in Carrboro, Foodalicious Follies

Acme Food & Beverages

110 East Main Street
Carrboro, NC 27510

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  1. Arthur in the Garden!

    Nice! Might have to take the drive….

    1. Ron Wen

      It’s pricey for lunch Arthur so visit on the weekend…



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