Nov 16 2012

First Take: Taqueria Del Sol in Cary for Quick Mexican

Interior of Taqueria Del Sol in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


(Closed as of March 2014) Taqueria Del Sol is a small Mexican restaurant chain that recently opened up its first NC location over in Cary Crossroads.  Located across from Dickey’s Barbecue, Taqueria Del Sol sports a nice sidewalk patio and a very large, open dining area.  While the interior is a bit spartan, the place just opened up so let’s focus on the food here!  Order up front at the counter and your food gets brought out to you, I go with a couple of tacos and can’t resist the queso and chips. I grab a self-serve drink, plop myself down at a table and scan the place.  Couple of things to note at Taqueria Del Sol, they’ve got a full liquor bar but unfortunately, no salsa bar.  At least not yet.  My food comes out lickety-split, probably didn’t even take five minutes.


Brisket taco at Taqueria Del Sol in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


The queso is a thick, dense cup of melty cheese and peppered with jalapeno slices.  Dip one of the nicely salted chips and bam!  A very nice version of queso, Taqueria Del Sol’s has got some kick.  You get a nice-sized basket for $3.80 and it should definitely be shared.  My tacos look decent: warm flour tortillas with plenty of filling.  I like the fish taco, two lightly browned pieces of whitefish with jalapenos and a cream sauce, yum!  The brisket taco is a bit less impressive.  Reminds of a barbacoa with some pico de gallo.  I wish there was a salsa bar to add some flavor to this one.  So overall the food at Taqueria del Sol is good, although they’ve got a very small menu here.  Maybe six taco choices, four on the enchilada side, expect to pay $6 – $10 for lunch.  My biggest concern about the place is the single cash register and the likelihood of very high noise levels.  Even with the space at maybe 1/4 full, Taqueria del Sol is a bit noisy.  Think high ceilings and echoes, I’m pretty certain this place will be a popular choice so beware!  But Taqueria del Sol certainly delivers good Mexican-American eats in a refreshed space so check it out next time you’re shopping in the area.


Taqueria Del Sol
204 Crossroads Boulevard
Suite 212
Cary, NC 27518


Menu at Taqueria Del Sol
Location on Google maps (Across from Dickey’s)
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  1. Ben

    Ron, you’re quick! This place just opened, and it’s right near my house, but I haven’t been yet. Thanks for the report. I’ll have to check it out. There’s no way they could compete with the real taquerias around here, so at least this is a little different. Sounds like they do need a salsa bar though!

    1. Ron Wen

      Gosh Ben, they’ve been peppering me with emails for two weeks now! I agree that they are a bit Americanized but given the location it works out ok. Not sure if the salsa bar is forthcoming or I just missed it but I looked around. Curious to see how noisy this place will get when really busy.

      But worth a lunch if you’re in the hood…

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