Aug 08 2012

A Slice of New York in Cary, Thin-Crust Pizza’s Finest!

$5 lunch special at Cozzolinos NY Pizza in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


When I first got to Raleigh I quickly learned that Cary as an acronym stood for Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.  But in my opinion, it should stand for Containment Area for Really Yummy (Pizza)!   Yeah, I guess they can’t rename the city to Caryp but I tried!  So in addition to all those Yankee logos and a bit of attitude, we do have to be thankful for all the great pizza that New Yorkers and New Jersey people have brought to the Triangle.  Because thin-crust is really where it’s at in my world and Cary is dishing out some of the best.  And when you can eat pizza, five days a week like me, it’s important to find the best.  Yes, you could do the wonderful, artisan pies at Bella Mia or go old-school with the NY Pizza chain, but here are a couple of others that may have slipped under your pizza radar screen.


Counter at Dominic's Pizza in Cary, Foodalicious FolliesMeatball pizza slices at Dominic's in Cary, Foodalicious Follies

In addition to the well-named NY Pizza and Ruckus Pizza on Tryon Road, don’t miss out on Dominic’s! Located in a large strip plaza with Wal*Mart, Dominic’s does a really decent thin-crust pizza along with some other Italian and Greek favorites. The key to Dominic’s pizza pies are the crust. Thin but well-leavened with enough heft to handle the sauce and cheese, you’ll get a medium-size slice here along with a drink for $6, not a bad deal. I’ve tried their chicken parmigiana sandwich which is decent but need to give their gyro a whirl. Overall, Dominic’s is a decent example of NY thin-crust pizza in this corridor of Cary.  Decor is plain and simple, this place is built for a quick lunch or takeout.  They’ve got several lunch specials and weekly specials which you need to keep an eye out for.


Front of Cozzolinos NY Pizza in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


Further off the beaten path at the intersection of Kildaire Farm and Penny Road is Cozzolino’s NY Style Pizza. And if you thought Dominic’s was a bit basic and plain inside, wait’ll you step into Cozzi’s! The plaza housing Cozzolino’s is run-down with a defunct Food Lion front and center along with well-worn and cracked pavement failing due to lack of maintenance. Step inside Cozzolino’s and it’s even plainer than Dominic’s. One lonely TV playing ESPN and little formica tables topped with red pepper and grated cheese. But don’t let the looks deceive you. The guys running this place are great and super service-oriented. Grab a couple of slices along with two bread-sticks, marinara sauce for, wait for this… for $5! Yeah, I gotta believe the rent is pretty low here but that is an amazing price for what you’re going to get, lunch special only. We’re talking $5 tax included, just hand over that Lincoln. Wait a bit and the guys will bring your food to the table, we’re talking about two largish slices with a nice amount of topping. I’ve done the pepperoni, sausage and beef which have all been good. The crust at Cozzolino’s is thin but not as light as Dominic’s. They burn it a bit giving it a bit of chew which I’m ok with. The bread-sticks are totally excessive at this point but hey, they’re decent too.


So next time you’re in Cary, don’t miss out on these two pizzerias if you’re a fan of NY pizza. While I enjoy Mellow Mushroom from time to time, it really doesn’t get any better than real thin-crust pizza if you’re an aficionado. Add some sausage, pepperoni, meatball or peppers and I’m in seventh heaven!  Just don’t expect too much Southern charm behind the counter which is fine if you want some great za!  What you’ll get is a bit of NYC tude along with some amazingly good pizza.  And that is more than enough when you’re a pizza freak like I am, buon appetito!


Dominic’s NY Pizza
2026 Kildaire Farm Rd
Cary, NC 27511

Cozzolino’s NY Pizza
2982 Kildaire Farm Rd
Cary, NC 27518

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  1. Ben

    I’ve driven past Cozzolino’s as we live sort of near there, so I’ll definitely have to give it a shot. Especially for just $5! I’ve eaten at Dominic’s once and was not too impressed.

    Cary also has Bocci, whose pizza I thought was surprisingly good, and Fuhgeddaboutit, which people seem to like. I’ve had the latter twice and I think it’s kind of bland. My favorite for this style of pizza is Salvio’s (also in Cary). You should check that place out.

    Oh yeah, my wife also said the pizza at the new Enrigo Bistro (Waverly Place) was good, but I haven’t been.

    1. RonW

      Thanks for the comment Ben! I’ve had Salvio’s on my ToEat list but it’s in a tough location for me. Fugghedaboudit had a sister restaurant in Raleigh but that place has been renamed to Camos Brothers. And it is probably my absolute favorite but heard the Cary place may have gone downhill. And Enrigos, I was there the first week it opened up and it’s decent but the place overall is a bit pricey.

      Definitely check out Cozzolino’s the $5 special is only for lunch, FYI…

      1. richard camos

        ron …we’re back in cary.. we also renamed it camos brothers pizza..

        1. Ron Wen

          Thanks Richard for the update! I’ll try to check you guys out soon…

  2. Elena S.

    When you are in Apex, you MUST try J&S pizza. It’s in an unassuming strip mall on Williams St. I’d love to read your review.

    1. Ron Wen

      Hey Elena, I have heard good things about J&S and it’s on my ToEat list! It’s just that I’m rarely in the area but I’ll try to fix that someday.

      Thanks for the tip!


  3. Karen

    Hi, Ron!

    Another NY-style pizza joint in Cary really worth checking out is: Primo Pizza, 682 Cary Towne Blvd. It’s near Galaxy Cinemas, and across the street from Ollie’s (where T.J. Max used to be and where the ABC store, Burger King and Dairy Queen store still are). Sorry for the overly elaborate detail, but Cary municipal statute prevents any sign, that would, God forbid, allow you to find the business you were searching for.

    I have spent decades tweaking my own pizza dough recipe, which to me, is the very heart of a pizza. I’ve developed one that can even be frozen before baking, and then thawed and risen for a much better pizza experience than any of the chains. It’s a lot of work, so I really appreciate a restaurant that can take some of that off of me and deliver a lovely, crispy, yet chewy, well balanced pizza experience.

    Primo Pizza delivers, also literally, to my proximate Cary home.

    I do prefer to pick it up though, since usually by the time they make the less than 10 minute drive 40 minutes or so after ordering, the pizza is stone cold and steamed in the box. They dawdle even on slow weekday nights. The pizza’s one of those that can be revived most successfully by putting in a preheated oven for a few minutes directly on the rack. I recommend eating in for those who do not live close.

    They also have a lovely $7 antipasto salad with spring mix, onion, tomato, moz, salami, pitted kalamata olives, good ham, and pepperoncinis. This will feed four along with a pizza.

    The pizza IS primo. The salads are good, but eat them today or the next day.

    DO NOT get the cheesecake. I have never made Jello No-Bake cheesecake, but I expect that is what their product is. No cheese, no eggs. That is all a proper cheesecake is; cheese, eggs, a little sugar, and maybe some flavorings. What in “£$”£%%^&* is in theirs? I don’t care. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT ORDER.

    They have chocolate cake that is overpriced at $3, but is OK if you really need a Choco fix.

    HOWEVER, if you catch them on a rare day when they deign to have tiramisu at $3 buy some to eat now, and as many pieces for the fridge as you can afford. DIVINE.


  4. Hello

    Oh hey Karen, thanks for the tip! I still haven’t made it to Rancho Grande but both of these places are within lunch range for me. And funny note about Cary, yes their signage and exit/entries to lots are always odd for me. You really do need to know where you’re going before you get in the car! And nice tip on the tiramisu.

    The other place I’d suggest to you is Pizzeria Toro out in Durham. They do a nice neapolitan pie and are worth the effort, especially if you’re hitting up a show at DPAC…


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