Jul 22 2012

First Take: Baguettaboutit Food Truck in Chapel Hill

Baguettabouit food truck, Foodalicious Follies


I loves me some food trucks and there’s one that’s been pretty elusive for me: Baguettaboutit.  While Baguettaboutit is based out of Chapel Hill, they move around a lot but unfortunately never to a convenient spot for me. Finally they dropped into Cary so I shot down quick as a bunny to try out their eats.  First thing you notice about Baguettaboutit is how nice their truck is.  Bright royal blue with a shine, they definitely spent some money on their ride.  The menu is short with eight or so sandwich options.  But I do know they are trying out new items from time to time.  Fill out the order form on the bag and you’re good to go.  I ordered up a Jersey Turnpike, sweet Italian sausage with roasted red pepper sauce.  You can also customize a sandwich with your choice of meat and sauce, ranging from chicken, italian, bratwurst paired with habanero, sharp mustard, cheddar and chimichurri, yum!

 NJ Turnpike sausage sandwich at Baguettabouit, Foodalicious Follies


And now the wait begins, I plop myself on the sidewalk and it takes 5 to 10 minutes for your food.  The sandwich that Baguettaboutit puts out is a flour-dusted beauty.  Crisp, fresh bread with a soft interior, high-quality sausage and some tasty, pepper sauce to provide some creamy contrast and moisture. Wish the pepper sauce was a bit stronger, it ends up pooling at the bottom of the baquette due to that darn thing called, gravity!  But yes, the mix of the bread, meat and sauce makes for a very solid eating experience.  Toss in a bag of chips and drinks for $8 plus and you’ll be sitting pretty.  I really do like Baguettaboutit’s concept, pretty certain you can find something off the custom menu which would keep you full and happy.  Just be ready to chase down that bright blue truck and their delicious sandwiches because Baguettaboutit is constantly on the move!


Baguettaboutit Food Truck
Chapel Hill, NC

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