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Dec 31 2012

Foodalicious and Memorable Eats for 2012!

When you look back at this year, 2012 was definitely one in which the improving economy influenced the dining scene out in the Triangle. The improving economy meant several things: more interesting restaurants opening up and higher menu prices. It also means busier dining rooms which is good and bad, I guess.  But overall it …

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Dec 27 2012

First Take: Cameron Bar and Grill in Raleigh

  Recent changes to Cameron Bar and Grill in Cameron Village have been for the MUCH better. My first visit or two was really lack-luster: blah food, disinterested service and sort of an odd crowd.  But a recent takeover by the Eschelon group means that the Cameron Bar and Grill has really raised its game.  …

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Status update

Hope everyone is having a Foodalicious and fun holiday, today…

Dec 22 2012

First Take: L’Uva Enoteca at the American Tobacco Center

(Closed as of January 2014) After many visits to the Durham Performing Arts Center, I finally made it to L’Uva Enoteca!  Located in the American Tobacco Center next door to DPAC, this place is small but prepared for the show-going crowd.  My call in for a reservation elicits a “are you going to a show?” …

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Dec 15 2012

Super Wok: Authentic, Delicious Szechuan Chinese in Cary

  A long time back I wrote about the deliciousness of authentic Szechuan Chinese and some of my favorite restaurants for that cuisine in the Triangle,  It’s time to do a deeper dive into probably my Szechuan favorite, Super Wok.  Located in a run-down shopping plaza off of Maynard and Chatham, this area is better …

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Dec 11 2012

First Take: Pizzeria Toro in Durham for Artisan Za!

(Re-opened on July 18, 2014)  The pizza craze continues in the Triangle with the addition of hipster pizza destination, Pizzeria Toro!  Located in the Five Points area of Durham next to the Cupcake Bar, Pizzeria Toro has quite the urban feel.  Large open dining space with a showcase pizza oven.  Communal tables made of reclaimed …

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