Dec 02 2011

More Pub than Brewery, Natty Greene’s in Raleigh!

Over the past three years in the Triangle, we’ve seen the emergence of several new breweries: Fullsteam, Lonerider and Roth to name a few. And while I love to quaff down a fresh beer at one of these spots, I’m always about the food and eats which is why Natty Greene’s Pub and Brewing Co. is one of my favorite go-to spots for a quick meal and beer.  And while there may be slightly better beer at Big Boss, Natty’s hits the trifecta by delivering solid eats and fresh beer in a GREAT space.  The location means it’s a perfect spot before a night out on S. Glenwood or in the Warehouse District.  There’s nothing better than some good pub food washed down with a brewski, amiright? And the food at Natty’s is definitely a cut above most bars, yum!


Crack open the door at Natty Greene’s and you’ll immediately notice the place is HUGE! The cavernous brick space (complete with brewing equipment) has three main rooms, a loft with private room and a small outdoor patio. I always end up in the center room, just because the action of the bar and televisions makes things a bit more lively. Grab one of the large, thick round tables with stools and admire the polished hardwood floors and ceiling beams. Behind the pub area is what I call the game room where Natty’s houses a shuffleboard table and more. And Natty’s also has a calmer and quieter dining room up front, boring!


While Natty does brew all of its beers, not all are brewed on site in Raleigh. With the original sister restaurant in Greensboro, they’ve got two facilities for making their beers! The darker brews are my favorites, love the Old Town brown ale and Black Powder imperial stout. Appetizers are great at Natty Greene’s, I’ve enjoyed the chipotle BBQ wings, nachos and crab dip here. The best appetizer is probably the mesquite fries: a delicious pile of thin-cut fries, covered in cheese sauce, bacon and scallions. They definitely give the Raleigh Times a run for its money for best cheesey fries in town.


The menu here is pretty expansive with plenty of choices for everyone. And while Natty’s does salads and plates, their sandwiches are where the real value is at. From great burgers to Cuban sandwiches all on a delicious soft roll. I’m a huge fan of their Jones Street Philly which is chopped chicken breast, peppers and mushrooms smothered in garlic aioli sauce. The first time I ordered it, I ordered it by mistake but what an awesome mistake!  Try the Cohiba: an open-faced pork loin sandwich pressed with ham, swiss cheese and covered with a very spicy barbeque sauce.  And the Southside Philly s fantastic, my typical go-to eats at Natty’s.  Toss in a side of house-made chips and I’m a really happy camper. Portion sizes at Natty’s is pretty good, we’re talking very solid, rib-sticking pub grub.



Service is probably the only thing I can occasionally gripe about here, they do a team service which means the food comes out quickly but the main server has always been a bit hit or miss for me. But you know what? With all the other pluses, I tend to overlook the inconsistent service at Natty Greene’s. I’ve eaten here so many times I’ve lost count and whether you’re talking an outdoor lunch on the patio, a late night dinner or just beers, I always enjoy my visits. And with a location tucked away off of Glenwood, the place is usually a lot quieter in the off nights. So rock on Natty Greene’s! I guarantee you that when they drop that plate of mesquite fries in front of you, you’ll be thinking bon appetit and let’s dig in…


Natty Greene’s Pub & Brewing Co
505 W. Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 232-2477

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