Jul 23 2011

Gourmet Eats on Wheels- KoKyu BBQ, Klausie’s, PiePushers

KoKyu BBQ Truck, Foodalicious Follies


You know you’re a real foodie when you’re a huge fan of food trucks. Decades ago, you only went to a food truck when you were stuck without transportation and you gave the food truck all sorts of awful names (roach coach, grease truck) but guess what? All things change with time! Now food trucks are often on the cutting edge of the culinary world. An option for budding restauranteurs to try out their latest offerings and treats with a minimum of overhead. Out here in the Triangle we’ve seen quite a few pop up over the last three years and I guarantee you, they can definitely be worth the effort to find. With food truck regulations easing up, it’s a great opportunity to try something new for both food truck owners AND customers!


Klausies cheese pizza, Foodalicious Follies
But let’s face it, you really do have to make the effort because they’re constantly on the move. Best way to keep up with these rolling, culinary delights is to add them to your Twitter feed or become a fan on their Facebook page. Some also do have fairly sophisticated websites but for real-time information (crucial), I find Twitter and Facebook are better options. And given that many food-trucks are budding entrepreneurs, their schedules can be less than consistent as well as their locations.



Two of my favorites in the Triangle just happen to begin with the letter K, Klausie’s Pizza and KoKyu BBQ truck. Klausie’s Pizza is run by the hard-working Michael Stenke who brings us a regional favorite, Michigan pan pizza! Sort of like Sicilian pizza, this thick pan pizza features brick cheese melted to the edges and a hearty, chunky tomato sauce on top. Or go with a lighter vegetarian slice full of olives and feta cheese. ┬áThe thick crunch crust is what makes this pizza special! ┬áKlausie’s pizza is for hearty appetites, a couple of these bad-boys will have you snoozing back at the office soon enough! Klausie’s Pizza is based out of Raleigh but due to challenging (and hard to understand) food truck regulations, he spends more time at points west. But do make an effort to find Klausie’s, it’s really good pizza and different than most other options you’ll find out here!


And I’m not sure what KoKyu stands for but to me, it means delicious takos and quesadillas full of braised meats and popping with flavor! Check out the artistic, graffiti covered trailer and you know that KoKyu is not your ordinary food truck. They specialize in global foods, think intra-ethnic flavors like pork belly takos spiked with sesame oil and a bit of heat. Their short rib quesadilla is a large cheese-laden, umami delivery vehicle. Lots of meaty chew, rich cheese and pan-fried goodness. And their duck fat tots sprinkled with herbs? Dee-licious! KoKyu normally hangs out at Motorco off of Rigsbee Street in Durham but gets around a bit in the Triangle.

One final food truck option that I enjoy is Pie Pushers! Pretty much the opposite of Klausie’s Pizza, Pie Pusher’s calls their slice “Durham-style”. It’s pretty comparable to a NYC slice with a crisper, snappier crust. Which is really helpful if you’re going to put great toppings on it! And yes, Pie Pushers has some seasonal gourmet options from meat-based, vegetarian and even vegan toppings. Think jalapenos, pesto, sprouts, lamb and more! But yes, I always go with my tried and true plain ol’ cheese just to make sure a pie is up to snuff. And Pie Pusher’s definitely dishes out some high quality slices for $3 to $5.


Now I’m not sure if you’re a food truck doubter or lover but I hope you give the three mobile options above a try. Yes, you will have to do some footwork and it won’t be easy. Follow their twitter feeds and Facebook pages for the latest info. But that’s what I love about food trucks, their quirkiness, the personalities and the passion that goes into their offerings. Pretty much the exact opposite of what you would get from a cookie-cutter, chain restaurant. You know that the owner is probably cooking, serving and taking your cash at his or her truck. So bon appetit Klausie’s, KoKyu, and Pie Pushers! May your tires always be full of air and your gas tank never on E…

Great Food Trucks Rolling in the Triangle!
Klausie’s Pizza- Raleigh (Web, Facebook, Twitter)
KoKyu BBQ- Durham (Web, Facebook, Twitter)
PiePushers- Durham (Web, Facebook, Twitter)

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KoKyu Barbeque (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

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