Apr 14 2014

Tir Na Nog for Dependable Food, Irish Music and Beer

    Front of Tir Na Nog, Raleigh- Foodalicious Follies


Lost in the shadows of Moore Square is the popular Tir Na Nog, Irish pub! I say lost because it always seems like a secondary spot to me. A place where I don’t usually have a huge desire to visit but usually somebody else I know suggests it. Tir Na Nog straddles the line between bar and restaurant sort of like the Raleigh Times but they also have a music schedule for Irish folk, cover bands and more. Add in the Nog Run Club and there always seems to be people floating in and out of the Nog. But for me, it always seems to get lost in the cobwebbed corners of my food brain. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 12 2014

Food Take: Flavor Plus with Ben & Jerry’s Core Ice Creams!

Ben & Jerry Core Ice Creams- Assortment at Target


As a big fan of premium ice cream, I usually end up with either Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s in my fridge.  Even being a bit lactose-intolerant, it’s one of those guilty treats that I can’t resist from time to time.  There’s nothing like a creamy scoop of delicious cream at the end of the evening.  And recently, Ben & Jerry’s announced a new product they were rolling out: Cores!  Think a rich pint of flavorful ice cream with a core of fudge, caramel or fruit right down the middle.  It’s sort of hard to innovate in this category so you can bet I was REALLY excited to try these four new Core flavors out… Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 08 2014

Flash House in Raleigh for a Bit of Bar Funk and Punk…

   Exterior of Flash House, Raleigh- Foodalicious Follies

When I go out for a beer or cocktail, I have a tendency to be a bit like Goldilocks.  This bar is too busy, this bar is too boring, this bar is JUST right…  It needs to be the right mix of space, ambiance and beverages to help you enjoy an evening of chatter and people-watching.  Which is why I like places like Flash House on Peace Street. Brought to you by the folks who own the Black Flower, Flash House’s location off the beaten path means the only people here have made an effort and are looking for something different.

Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 05 2014

First Take: Garland for a Deliciously Captivating Asian Dining Experience…

Under-stated front of Garland at night in Raleigh- Foodalicious Follies


When Garland first opened up as a take-out window under Kings Barcade, I stopped in and did a rice bowl take-out for a meal and thought it was decent but not quite amazing.  Fast forward six months later and Garland has expanded into a full dining-room and gone through a huge upgrade.  Online reviews were excellent but the memory of my first meal stuck in the back of my head so I didn’t make a huge effort.  Then a good friend of mine told me he felt Garland was easily the best new restaurant in Raleigh so my curiosity was piqued.  I figured it was time to give this pan-Asian eatery a try and so, five of us headed on over for a Thursday night dinner. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 01 2014

First Take: Cilantro Indian Grows Up But Still Dishes Out Delicious Indian Eats!

 Entrance to Cilantro Indian in Cary, Foodalicious Follies


A while back I had reviewed Regency Kitchen, a little take-out Indian eatery at a gas station that surprisingly served up really good ethnic eats.  Given how close it is to my workplace, it quickly became a regular part of my lunch rotation.  Fast-forward to 2014 and looks like a lot of other people agreed with me because that little gas station Indian cafe has moved up in the world to MacGregor Village as Cilantro Indian Cafe!  Losing their great Indian food for two months while they moved had me craving it even more so you can bet we were ready to eat right after they opened on February 28! Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 29 2014

Media Event: Yelp Goldies, Fire and Ice Wine Party at Shiki Sushi!

 Yelp Goldies Party @Shiki Sushi in Durham, March 2014- Foodalicious Follies


Way back when, before I started blogging, I started writing reviews for Yelp after I got out of business school.  I had moved out to Raleigh and finally had an income that could support my voracious eating which gave me something to write about!  I enjoyed writing reviews and it became a fun, creative outlet for me.  By late 2009, I was contacted by Yelp HQ and told that I would become Elite.  Meaning, I wrote enough reviews and contributed enough online to earn a higher level status and some admin privileges on the website. It was also at this time that the Triangle picked up its first Yelp Community Manager, Christina G, so we were both there when Yelp turned the corner to become a much bigger presence in the RDU area. Read the rest of this entry »

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